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​Total oral care for pets

Despite the diligent care of their owners, it is said that more than 80% of adult dogs suffer from periodontal disease. Preventing periodontal disease is the most important way to prevent aging as much as possible. The main cause of tooth loss in both humans and animals is periodontal disease. Since animals are not prone to tooth decay, it is no exaggeration to say that most cases are caused by periodontal disease.


​Effective and gentle formulation for periodontal care

We are particular about safety, and we have formulated 100% naturally derived ingredients to ensure that there is no problem even if dogs who cannot gargle swallow them. It's an easy-to-use gel type, so you can use it for brushing and scrubbing, or just apply it to your teeth to keep your mouth refreshed. You can care for your dog by letting him lick it, drink it, or use it in a way that suits your dog. Its deodorizing effect also prevents bad breath. It is an oral care product that can be used with confidence to maintain the health of the gums of dogs who can continue eating with their own teeth, as it thoroughly disinfects bacteria.

​Obtained two inspection certificates

Oral care gel for dogs has been confirmed to be effective in eradicating 99.9% of the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Both (canine periodontal disease bacteria) and (human periodontal disease bacteria) exist in a dog's mouth. Hinoki Toothpaste Gel has test certificates for both.




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