Daiwa Fine Products

Creative trading company

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Our business

Animal feeds

Special animal feed ingredients. Paprika/Marigold/Palm Kernel Pellet

Pet foods

Pet foods with high nutrition. Koi foods/ornamental fish foods/Shrimp feed

FujiMac Air pump

Reliable Made-in-Japan Air pump Long life/Save electric cost/Easy maintenance

Functional ingredients

Enzyme treated bird's nest(water soluble), Salmon DNA, Protamine

Caspian Yogurt culture starter

Home made healthy yogurt with simple method at room temperature


Primary Vitamin C derivative skin care products. OEM and cosmetic bottles


Our history

Daiwa Fine Products (S) Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned Japanese company established in Singapore in 1999, and has begun researching and purchasing unique food ingredients, feed ingredients, and industrial ingredients, mainly for Japanese companies from South East Asian countries. After that, we have diversified the business to pet food (Koi Foods, Nozomi brand) from Japan and OEM skincare products for skin clinics to Singapore and its neighboring countries.

​Inspire for new creativity